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Wine Tasting
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Wine tasting has “hen weekend” written all over it! Quaff top quality Spanish vino with your fave people in gorgeous surroundings. It's the ultimate no-brainer activity that will go down well with the whole group.

Enter the wonderful world of Spanish wines and discover everything a girl needs to know about robust Rioja and crisp cava . A wine buff will introduce you to terms like balance, bouquet and nose.
In next to no time you'll be throwing around terms like “nice nose” and “fruit forward”! By the end of a wine tasting session you'll be able to use the lingo properly and order off a list with confidence.

A wine tasting hen party will also introduce you to matching wines with food. Carefully chosen tapas dishes accentuate each wine's distinct flavour and aroma...and allow you to soak up some of the booze!

Hen party sessions include:

  • Wine tasting with a connoisseur
  • Fresh tapas platters

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