Travel Protected

Travel Protection 

When selling to UK customers all travel businesses are required to comply with the package travel regulations. As a result, all tour operators and travel agents are legally required to provide consumer protection.

Off Limits are secured by a travel trust company that are fully supportive of the regulations.

Who are we secured by?

The Travel Trust company we are secured by have been running for over 25 years, they are the gold standard in travel trust and that is the reason why we chose them to protect our customers, knowing your booking and money are always safe. 

If you would like to find out more about this and the company we are secured by just email and we can provide all the information you will need. 

Are we secure?

Yes, being part of a travel trust means the money you pay goes into the trust and not to us, we only receive your money once you have travelled and received all services paid for. Meaning this is the safest way to buy a package. We also have fully secure websites and crm systems and follow all GDPR regulations, so you know your booking is safe every step of the way.

What about ATOL and ABTA?

We often get asked if we are ATOL or ABTA bonded. Because we do not sell flights, we do not need ATOL. ABTA is an insurance policy that agents take out in case they need to repatriate customers. We go a step further and ensure customer's money is not used for any other purpose until the event is done and dusted. So, your money is always safe and secure.

Why use a travel trust?

Using a travel trust means the money the customer pays goes straight into the trust and not to the company until travel has happened and services have been provided, meaning the customers money is always safe and secure until after travel.

Why book with a company who are secured by a travel trust?

As then you are guaranteed that your booking and money are safe. Travel trusts were set up for this very reason to ensure that customers money is always safe. It is in their name, they secure travel and trust within the industry.

If you would like more information on travel trusts, or our booking and refund policy just let us know.

We have joined a travel trust to ensure you the customer are in the safest hands, and that you can book with confidence knowing that your booking and money are secured and safe in a trust.

Please ask your event organiser if your booking constitutes a package.

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