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The smart girl's guide to planning a hen party in Spain.

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Planning a Fabulous Hen Weekend in Spain

Being maid of honour is a biggie. As head hen party honcho it’s your responsibility to make sure everything runs without a hitch. No pressure, then! Organising your BFF’s last weekend of freedom should be fun, not stressful. Follow the advice below and you’ll be on track to a hassle-free hen. With a little forward planning and help from the pros, everyone will have a fabulous time.

Give the lady what she wants

Your idea of the perfect hen party might be a wild night of clubbing with male strippers but the bride’s could be completely different. Think of planning a hen like buying a present for someone; put your own tastes and preferences to one side and focus on what the woman of the hour wants.

Budget wisely

It’s incredibly easy to get carried away and create a hen party with a budget that spirals out of control. If you can afford a luxury hen weekend with all the trimmings, that’s great. However, the likelihood is that at least some of the guests will be on a budget. If your plans meet with embarrassed silences or sharp intakes of breath, you may need to rein things in a little!

Get organised but don’t be a control freak

Good organisation and forward planning is crucial to the success of any hen weekend in Spain. However, that doesn’t mean you need to turn into a control freak and map out every single minute. A loose itinerary that includes down time is the way to go.

Break the ice with activities

Most hen parties include different friends of the bride, some of whom may never have met each other. That’s where activities can help. Nothing breaks the ice and gets everyone in the party mood quite like cocktail making or belly dancing. Choose something fun that everyone can enjoy.

Give the girls enough time to pay

Ah, money! Everyone’s favourite subject. To avoid tears and tantrums, aim to book activities and accommodation 3 (preferably 6) months in advance to give the girls enough time to come up with the cash. We offer an online payment service that allows all members of the hen party to log on and pay in instalments to spread the cost. That way, one person isn’t stuck with the horrible job of collecting cash.

Allocate rooms carefully

Most people end up sharing a hotel room during a hen weekend. Allocating rooms can be a tricky business. If you don’t know everyone attending, talk to the bride and get an idea of personalities. Find out which people know each other and also if anyone’s pregnant. Pair people up wisely and avoid dramas!

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