Tenerife Restaurant Reservations

Restaurant Reservations
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Let us make planning your hen party effortless with pre-arranged Tenerife Restaurant Reservations for your bride tribe! Perfect for the second night of your hen weekend, a celebratory meal will bring all the bride’s favourite ladies together. Order up a few glasses of cava, toast the bride and tuck into some decadent dishes. Hen party perfect!

Sorting out a big meal for a hen night can be a total nightmare. We’re talking getting the girls to agree on a venue, calling around to venues for a table big enough for your hen party on a busy weekend night or waiting ’til the last minute, trying to get in on the night. It’s a headache and a half, but we can help!

Turn up, tuck in on a Tenerife Hen Night!

We’ve eaten our way through restaurants, bodegas, eateries and cafes in Tenerife. There are a variety of cuisine types to choose from, so let us know what type of food you want to eat and we’ll pair you up with a hand-picked restaurant for the big night.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the night with your girls. Safe in the knowledge that the bride’s big meal will go according to plan.

This activity includes:

  • Tenerife Restaurant Reservations
  • Variety of cuisine types to choose from
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