Puerto Banus Water Sports

Water Sports
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If you’re waving goodbye to the single life on the Costa del Sol, it’d be a shame not to include a few Puerto Banus Water Sports with your hen party. If you’ve got girls coming in from all different areas of your life, and need to bond them in double quick time, water sports are the way forward. You’ll have them laughing, screaming and having a blast together before you know it.

The water off the coast of Puerto Banus is always full of people on jet skis, doing tricks on wake boards and people testing their mettle in the great outdoors with activities like potholing and canyoning. Where do you fit in?

Get the girls giggling on a Puerto Banus hen do…

If the bride loves a bit of adventure, she’ll love getting into adrenaline pumping activities like canyoning and potholing. It takes a bit more physical fitness to smash these, but you’ll see parts of the country that no one has ever seen before unless they’ve attempted to traverse the canyons and caves. It’s unforgettable.

To make your time under the sun just that bit more exciting try one of these unforgettable Puerto Banus Water Sports:

  • Cable skiing
  • Water skiing
  • Potholing
  • Canyoning
  • Jet ski
  • Wakeboarding
  • Water Wipeout
  • Flyboard

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