Puerto Banus Sphering

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Up for doing something completely bonkers on your hen weekend? Sphering is a great choice. What could be more fun or memorable than rolling down a hill at 30mph in a giant transparent ball?

Choose between two experiences: harness and aqua sphering. The former is the standard version and the latter involves making the run with 30 litres of parkin the ball! Think of it as a giant washing machine.

Sphering does require guts. After all, you are at the mercy of a huge inflatable ball. Experience the mad sensation of defying gravity as you roll down the run safely harnessed inside with 3 feet of air to cushion you. Like a rollercoaster, it's all about controlled danger and adrenaline.

Sphering will have the girls in fits and ensure your hen weekend is remembered for all the right reasons. Go on; give it a whirl!

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