Puerto Banus Powerboat & Speedboat Rides

Powerboat & Speedboat Rides
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How often do you get the chance to fly across the ocean in a boat that looks like something out of an action movie? Perfect for hen parties up for action and adventure, powerboat and speedboat rides will get pulses racing. If you want a huge adrenaline rush, get on board!

Enjoy the warm wind against your face as the skipper opens the throttle and charges across the coastline. This is THE way to do sightseeing on a hen weekend. In addition to being incredibly exhilarating, speedboat and powerboat rides will show you idyllic bays, isolated coves, sheer cliffs, mountains, traditional villages and landmarks.

If you're lucky, dolphins native to these waters could put in an appearance. Time and conditions permitting, you may get the chance to swim in open waters.


  • Lifejackets
  • 20-min ride

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