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Water Sports
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Take your hen party to the high seas!

If your hen party is made of up girls who love action and adventure or they've got an inner adrenaline junkie just waiting to break out, we've got epic Marbella Water Sports to satisfy their need for speed and thrills. Want to do more than sun yourselves on the dazzling sands of Playa Real de Zaragoza? Strap into your life jackets, ladies. There are plenty of activities that'll get those pulses racings and still top up those tans in the process.

Do something wild on your final fling before the ring with a fantastic experience strapped into a water jet pack! Never heard of one before? We're not surprised. This activity is only available at a few destinations and you're in luck, Marbs is one of them. Picture it, you're strapped into a jet pack that's connected to a powerboat, as the water pressure picks up the jet pack shoots your further into the air. Imagine the views of the Costa del Sol you'll get from there. Who said humans can't fly?

It looks like time for another adventure!

Watersports don't necessarily happen on the glittering sands of the Costa del Sol, for some of them you'll have to go inland to hidden gems that most tourists never get to see. If you're up for the experience of a lifetime and a challenge on your hen weekend, go for activities like Canyoning or Potholing. Both will see your hen party exploring unspoilt Andalucian countryside. They require a bit more of a fitness level than a powerboat ride or cable skiing, but we promise the views you'll get and the memories that'll be made are well worth the effort.

If you want activities that'll bond your hen party together through teamwork and camaraderie watersports are where it's at. It's the opportunity to try new things and possible complete tasks that you never thought possible on your final weekend as a singleton. Come on ladies, get involved!

The Deets:

  • Marbella Watersports
  • Choose from: cable skiing, water skiing, canyoning, potholing, water jet pack, powerboat ride & wakeboarding
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