Marbella Cheeky Butler

Cheeky Butler
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Well hello there tall, dark and handsome!

Hiring a stripper for a girl's final fling before the ring is pretty much the time honoured tradition for a single life send-off. However, if you're not up for an oiled up stripper shaking his moneymaker to a cheesy playlist, we've got just the thing. A Marbella Cheeky Butler is what happens when male entertainment goes a little bit high brow. This won't be a cringe-worthy full frontal show of the goods, but it will be a memorable experience that all the girls can enjoy.

We only work with the best boys there are in the business. Think chiseled chins, perfect pecs and abs you could wash your linen on. These boys know their way round a gym and their physique definitely shows it. Don't leave the entertainment bit of your bestie's hen weekend to chance. Trying to hire someone to serve up some drinks in the near buff when you get here could see your hen party getting an anti-stripper! It won't be 'take it off', it'll be 'put it on'!

Create new traditions for upcoming brides to be!

When you want to send your bestie off like the hundreds of thousands of women before her, but don't want to do the whole cheesy show a cheeky butler is perfect. Your cheeky butler can arrive at your apartment or villa to serve up cocktails and entertain the girls, or you can hire him to accompany you on activities like a yacht charter. Hot guy serving up ice cold cocktails on a glamorous yacht - no brainer, right?!

Your cheeky butler will be at your beck and call for one fabulous hour of eye candy delights. He'll arrive wearing cuffs, a collar, a piny and not much else. Get a sneaky glimpse of his perfectly formed tush as he hands out the tipples for your ladies, have him serve up snacks or play party games with the girls. You've got an hour, make the most of it!

The Deets:

  • Marbella Cheeky Butler
  • 1 hour hire
  • Available to serve up drinks & snacks at your accommodation or to accompany you on activities
  • Ask your hen party planner if you'd like more than one cheeky butler
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