Magaluf Pirates Adult Show

Pirates Adult Show
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Enjoy a saucy show with loads of swashbuckling action on your hen weekend. Get the girls together for a fantastic performance on a giant pirate ship. Oh, and you get unlimited Sangria into the bargain! If you're planning a party weekend in Benidorm, this is an absolute must.

It's called the Pirates Adult show for a reason! Strictly for the over-18s only, it's a naughty but nice extravaganza featuring hot pirates, bodice-ripping, hilarious jokes and all sorts of X-rated antics. Expect to see amazing acrobats, live music and mind-boggling human circus acts.

Sit back, take advantage of the free booze and watch Sir Francis Drake, Blackbeard and Barbarossa take the stage. This is a fully interactive show that requires the audience to get involved in the action.


  • Tickets for the Pirates Reloaded Adult Show
  • Unlimited sangria or wine

Optional extras:

  • 3-course meal

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