Ibiza Paintballing

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Boom! Headshot!

You're on the white isle and you're guaranteed to have a hangover after a wild night in the superclubs. We've got the perfect cure for hangovers and beating those wedding worries and work stresses, a session at an Ibiza Paintballing arena. Gather up the girls and take a break from the beaches with a run round a verdant woodland arena, complete with a pool, chillout area and even a bar where you can cool off after your battle of the besties!

This isn't just your bog standard run through the woodlands. The Ibiza paintballing arena boasts man-made, as well as natural obstacles that are designed to test your teamwork, speed and skill to their limits. What are you waiting for girls? Grab a gun, lock 'n load and show the stags who the real badasses are!

These girls are sunshine mixed with a little bit of hurricane!

Whisk your bride tribe off to our venue where you'll meet up with our fantastic game marshals. They'll take you through a safety briefing and get you kitted out in all your safety gear. Then it's time for you to head out to their awesome themed gaming areas. Picture it: ducking behind army trucks and tanks, getting that sniper shot from atop a wicked trench and bagging that headshot from behind a cannon. If you want an authentic battle experience, this place will do you proud.

Once you're done playing strategic and games like 'Capture the Hen' and 'Attack and Defend' you can head for the pool to cool off for a bit. Once you're thoroughly relaxed, hit the bar for a few drinks before heading back to the stunning beaches of Ibiza. Winning hen weekend!

The Deets:

  • Ibiza Paintballing experience
  • Hire of guns and safety equipment
  • Arena boasts amazing facilities including: cafe, bar, pool and gardens
  • 100 paintballs each
  • Game marshals
  • Themed areas with realistic military props
  • Wear closed toed shoes and clothes you don't mind getting paint on
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