Wondering what to pack for your hen weekend? It's a toughie! If you're jetting off for a sun-soaked hen weekend in Barcelona, you'll need different bits and bobs than you'd take for a bash in Brighton.

I've been on a hen weekend in Barcelona and one in Bristol. Ironically, I packed more for the latter than I did for the former! If you don't have the luxury of a car (mine's pretty much a suitcase on wheels) you'll need to pack particularly smart.

Numerous bikinis are obviously a must. I took four. If you're flying over in June or July it's around 30 degrees so you'll get hot, hot, hot. Flip flops are another no-brainer.

Here's what I wish I'd packed for the hen weekend in Barcelona.

Plasters and Party Feet

I forgot that feet can swell in the heat and got blisters, not a good look!


For that “morning after one too many sangrias” feeling.

Flat or low heel shoes 

I'm a big fan of heels but ended up wishing I'd packed either a pair of posh flatties or kitten heels for clubbing. Killer heels are fine for posing in cocktail bars but if you love a boogie, beware! I ended up walking back to the apartment along Barceloneta promenade in my bare feet at 5am.

Turban hair towel 

These ingenious creations are a total godsend if you're on a hen weekend in Barcelona. They're super absorbent, which means less time sweating it out with the hairdryer.

Hair straighteners

I thought I wouldn't need mine. Wrong! Heat does crazy things to hair that isn't naturally poker straight, especially if you decide to take a dip in the sea.

A back-up party dress

The one I'd packed got red wine down the front before we even left the apartment.

Good quality baby wipes 

Fortunately, my friend packed baby wipes, which miraculously got the stain out. Result!

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