Naughty but Nice Hen Weekend

Whether you're planning a hen weekend in Barcelona, Puerto Banus or Magaluf, it wouldn't be quite the same without a bit of naughty but nice entertainment! It doesn't have to be a full-on male stripper. Cheeky hen weekend entertainment has evolved! These days, it's all about totally ripped lifeguards and hot guys in bottom revealing aprons. All will be revealed (well, sort of!) below.

The idea of a naughty but nice hen weekend is to give the bride a saucy surprise without going completely overboard. A gyrating male stripper with whipped cream and all the trimmings isn't every girl's idea of a good time. However, you could go for a halfway house and put a smile on her face.

Here are some ideas for a naughty but nice hen weekend in sunny Spain. Crank up the aircon, it's getting hot, hot, hot in here!


Planning a hen weekend in Barcelona? Book a Baywatch-style lifeguard to come play a few beach games with the girls! It's all in the name of fun and he can referee and make sure everyone plays fair. If you love a six-pack and a pair of low-slung shorts, do the lifeguard thing.

Cheeky Butler

Spain's answer to the UK's Butler in the Buff! Book a tanned, toned senor to serve a champagne breakfast in swanky Puerto Banus. All cheeky butlers live up to their name in more ways than one! Your butler will arrive in bow tie, collar, cuffs and a bottom-flashing apron. These guys aren't just pretty faces and rock-solid abs. They're serious charmers, we're talking Ryan Gosling meets Robert Downey Jr. You have been warned!

Of course if that's all a bit too tame you can always go the whole hog, book a hen weekend fiesta and get the full monty. The choice is yours, ladies!

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