Have a Belly Dancing Hen Do

Get your tummies out and be proud of those gorgeous curves! A belly dancing hen do is a celebration of femininity and involves loads of hip wiggling and booty shaking. Pop goddesses Beyonce and Shakira are big fans of belly dancing, which is good enough for me.

What's involved?

Naturally, the exact contents of a belly dancing hen do vary according to where you are. You would expect a class in Barcelona to be the same as one in Marbella. Having said that, the majority follow a similar format.

Each class lasts approximately 90 minutes and takes place in a city centre dance studio.

After a warm-up you'll learn the basics in a relaxed environment. The idea of a belly dancing hen do is to have fun and learn some new moves with friends. Unlike some dance classes, there's very little in the way of fancy footwork, which is great news for those with two left feet! Think sensual movement rather than complicated steps and sequences.

Having said that, you will be learning authentic belly dance moves from a professional instructor.

There's the classic belly roll of course, along with hip drops, rotations, circles, shimmies, the head slide and my personal favourite – snake arms. I have actually been on a belly dancing hen do in Benalmadena and it was brilliant fun. I was particularly surprised to find how quickly I picked up the moves, and I'm far from a natural!

At the end of the class, you'll put the moves you've mastered together in one group performance piece. It doesn't matter if you fluff some of the steps, the point is to have a giggle and let your hair down a little.

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