Barcelona's New Wakeboarding Beach Club

You heard it here first, girls! If you want a Barcelona hen weekend with adventure, adrenaline and a touch of the fabulous, the city's new wakepark is a no-brainer. It's a super stylish beach club and watersports centre rolled into one. Party girls and sun worshippers can hang out on the sun terrace whilst the action-hungry hens master cool board tricks on the water. Genius.

Wakeboarding isn't the only adrenaline-fuelled activity on offer to hen parties. If you're up for trying something new and exciting on a Barcelona hen weekend, check out paddle surfing. It's easier to master than traditional surfing as you're standing up all the time on a far bigger board.

The wakepark offers beach volleyball and beach football too.

Like I said before, this isn't just a place to get to grips with wakeboarding and paddle boarding. The beach club is every bit as good as the watersports on offer. I fell in love with the sun terrace chillout area, big time. The ocean views are amazing and best enjoyed from one of the immaculate white sofas.

Like any Barcelona beach club worth its salt, this one has a pool and a fashionable restaurant. This might sound a bit odd but the salads are actually exciting! They're fresh, colourful, tasty, imaginative…worlds away from the usual flavourless tossed leaves we're used to in Britain. Let's not forget the wine selection. The salads go down very well with an ice cold glass of Cava.

This is a brilliant hen party hangout in the heart of the Barcelona beach scene. Enjoy the sun, try something new and party with the city's in crowd.

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