Benidorm Banana Boat Rides

Banana Boat Rides
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Banana boat rides were made for hen parties! What could be more fun or fitting than a blast across the ocean on what's basically a giant yellow penis? Get the adrenaline levels up with a white knuckle ride that'll you have laughing and screaming in equal measures.

We book banana boat rides for hen parties every year and only use reputable suppliers we know and trust. Got a large group to accommodate? No worries. Banana boats that can sit 12 people are available.

If you've never been on a banana boat before, here's a tip: hold tight! A speedboat will tow you along the surface of the ocean at a rate that will get pulses pounding. A skilled driver will show off his skills by performing sharp twists and turns when you're least expecting it. If you like rollercoasters, you'll love this.


  • Life jackets
  • 20-minute blast on the beast!

Availability: mid-April to mid-October.

Call or email us for a quote or more information.

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