Benalmadena Pole Dancing Class

Pole Dancing Class
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Bring it, sexy style!

The Benalmadena Pole Dancing Class is one of our most popular hen party activities of all time. This isn't your bog standard pole class, either! You lot will also get a sizzling lesson in lap dancing! Now that's the way to get the girls in the mood for a naughty hen night out in 24 hour square or the marina! Step away from Arroyo Beach, take a break from the bars, take some time out of your hen weekend to learn how to spin, balance and twist round the pole like a professional sex kitten!

A pole dancing class is ideal for hen parties of all ages, abilities and sizes. Anyone can take part, and you'll all be stunned by how easily you pick up the basics. You'll want to wear hot pants for the session to grab the pole easier, plus it adds just one more hint of sexy!

Don't just turn heads. Break necks!

Gather up the girls and head down to our private, centrally located studio. There, you'll meet up with our friendly, professional instructor. You'll do a quick meet and greet then get all limbered up with a quick warm-up. Don't worry if you've never done something like this before. The teacher is brilliant with hen parties. She'll pace the lesson to meet your groups overall ability and experience level. Before you know it your confidence levels will rocked and you'll be spinning round the pole like the girls you see on TV.

Start your lesson off with a few simple spins and learn how to walk around the pole, grab the pole an do a bit of floor work. Spins like the stag and front hook may look really difficult but you'll be surprised with how quickly you'll be able to master them. During your pole dancing lesson the instructor will also teach you a lap dance routine that'll have your future Mr. drooling on your wedding night. There's no nudity involved, so come on ladies! Let your inhibitions go and learn something super sexy!

The Deets:

  • Benalmadena Pole Dancing class
  • Allow 1 hour for this experience
  • Private, centrally located studio
  • Professionally trained instructor
  • Learn basic twists, spins and balances
  • Perform a simple routine at the end of the lesson
  • Wear hot pants and a vest top
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