Benalmadena Paintballing

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Unleash your inner GI Jane!

Fed up with wedding planning stress and worries at work? Blow it all away with an exhilarating session of Benalmadena Paintballing with your hen party! Don't let the stags hog all the epic activities, paintballing isn't just for the boys. It's time for the girls to show the boys who the queens of the battlefield really are.

Don your camo gear, grab a paintball gun and lock 'n load ladies! This paintballing venue is fabulous! Located in the beautiful Andalusian countryside, this secret arena has plenty of manmade and natural obstacles, places to take that super secret sniper attack and plenty of cover to duck behind. Need to get your hen party bonded and break the ice in record time? Paintballing will do the trick.

Fight like you're the third monkey trying to get on Noah's ark!

Head over to the arena and break your bride tribe up into teams. Choose a badass name that'll suit your soldier side, then it's time to get down to business. The game marshals will get your hen party warmed up with an attack and defend-style game. Throughout your experience at the arena you'll move on to other types of missions that require brains, brawn and plenty of team work!

Leave the boutiques, beaches and bars behind for a few exhilarating hours of kicking ass! Gather up your girls, get some fresh air and prove which of you really is a combat queen. Losers buy the first round of post-battle shots afterwards. Come on ladies, show us what you're made of!

The Deets:

  • Benalmadena Paintballing
  • Hire of paintball gun, goggles and overalls included
  • 100 paintballs per person
  • Game marshals and safety briefing
  • Allow 2 - 3 hours for this activity
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