Barcelona Paintballing

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Lock 'n load, ladies!

Barcelona paintballing is just what the hen doctor ordered! Grab your fave ladies, head off to an epic outdoor paintball arena and spend 2 - 3 hours running around, splattering your fellow hens. If you need to blow off wedding stress, work worries and those big day jitters, this is just the thing! Suit up like GI Jane, split into teams and take 'em down like champs.

Don't leave all the adrenaline junkie activities to the stags! It's time to show them who's the boss of the battlefield. So suit up and blow away the competition, girls! Meet our friendly paintball instructors at the arena just outside the city for a quick safety briefing and to get suited and booted in all your protective gear. Then it's time to make like Alice in Resident Evil!

Be strong. Be humble. Be brave. Be badass everyday!

We've done the rounds at the biggest and best paintball venues in Spain and only a chosen few made the grade. All venues feature fabulous zones with lots of natural cover and man-made obstacles. Choose between a variety of speed and strategy games from good ol' 'Capture the Flag' to 'Hen Assassin'.

Paintballing will unleash your inner combat goddess. Feel the adrenaline levels surge as you sneak up and snipe your opponents. Duck behind cover, take aim and SPLAT! Super competitive and brilliant for building team spirit and bonding your hen party, this is one of our all-time favourite activities. Gather the troops and get involved.

The Deets:

  • Barcelona paintballing experience
  • Hire of guns and protective gear
  • 100 paintballs each
  • Allow 2 - 3 hours for this activity
  • Return transfers included
  • *Minimum group numbers apply
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