Barcelona Indoor Karting

Indoor Karting
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Feel the need...the need for speed!

Is the bride a speed freak? Does she drive like a wild woman? Then she'll love a session of Barcelona indoor karting at the most technologically advanced indoor track in the world. Well that's what they say anyway. Come judge the venue yourselves. Put your foot to the floor on a 500m-long track featuring sharp hairpin turns, tight chicanes, technical challenges, underpasses and the infamous 'tunnel of Monaco'. After this you'll definitely know who the best driver amongst is!

Get the girls and head down to the venue. Make sure you wear appropriate, closed-toe footwear and clothes that will be comfortable to drive in. Once you've done a meet and greet with the friendly race staff you'll start your experience off with a safety briefing. After the briefing, your bride tribe will be kitted out with proper race driving gear. We're talking helmets, gloves, the lot. Instructors will show you how to control and drive these mini, mean machines and send you off for a couple practice laps before the main event.

What we need is an open road and a whole lotta speed!

When all the girls are up to speed, it's time to go nose-to-tailpipe for the qualifiers. These will determine the all-important pole positions so be on your top game, ladies! There are two race options to choose from: two 10 minute time trials or a mini grand prix. Either way your bride tribe is prepped for a nail-biting grand final! Who of you will be crowned the official speed queen?

Don't let the stags hog all the adrenaline-pumping activities! This is one of the most exciting activities on the menu for a hen party in Barca, indoor karting is perfect for girls who love to drive it like they stole it and the girls who're adrenaline junkies. So come on girls, show us what you've got!

The Deets:

  • Barcelona Indoor Karting experience
  • Safety briefing and gear included
  • Hire of karts included
  • Practice laps
  • Electronic lap time print outs
  • Return transfers
  • Bring passports and a pair of closed-toe shoes. No flip flops please.

Choose from the following types of races:

  • 2 x 10min time trials
  • Mini grand prix
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